Of Sand and Sea Salt

I don’t normally write about personal things on here, but I feel that this place deserves a mention for a few reasons.

Treen (or Pednevounder in Cornish) is a majestic, granite carved beach tucked away in the farthest reaches of West Cornwall. I started going there before I was born, carried in my mother’s womb as she and my dad chanced on the place during a hike around the Southwest coast path. From then on I’ve visited almost every year of my life, drawn by the raw power of the landscape and the spirited Atlantic ocean.

Even if he didn’t tell us his wish to be scattered there, we probably would have done it anyway. So last weekend, we took the long road down to Treen and gave my dad up to the sea from the tops of the cliffs.

I hope you enjoy the views as much as he does.

5 thoughts on “Of Sand and Sea Salt

  1. That is a great looking beach. I would like to visit there, not on a hot sunny day though (I am not a fan of hot, direct sunlight). Is the beach itself easily accessible?

    1. That’s the beauty of it; it’s not very accessible. You have to climb down some rocks to get to it and only at lowtide otherwise its not there. Very magical.

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