Success (and a special offer)!

Dear readers

I am pleased to say that I recently gained a qualification in proofreading with the Publishing Training Centre. As I’m just starting out (and it’s nearly Christmas), I’d like to extend a special offer to fellow writers and authors to proofread your work for free!

This is strictly a one-time offer while I find my feet. If you need a fresh pair of eyes to look over what you’ve written, please get in touch (providing its not a full length novel – I’m talking articles, short stories or a couple of chapters).

Hope this is of help to some of you.

4 thoughts on “Success (and a special offer)!

  1. Hi Alex J Rankin, I was reading some of the flash fiction stories on ReflexFiction web site, and enjoyed your piece. I clicked on a few of the authors links and was taken to various places…anyway I’ll get to the point – is your offer of free proofreading still on? I have written a piece to enter the next reflex competition with and if you are up for it I could send you it and you could say what you want about it. Its 300 words long.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Ian. Thank for getting touch. Yes, still on!
      I’m happy to have a look at it for you. The best way would be as a Word document, then I will use Track Changes to make any corrections. All that I ask is if you can leave me some feedback on here or better yet, on my LinkedIn page so I can build up some testimonials.
      For now, email me the story at alex.j,

  2. Struggling with a fiction piece I had written I sent my work to be proofread by Alex Rankin. I understand now that to have my work edited is essential. Alex’s clear instruction led to improvement in areas in need of clarification, and I have a reference document! And one that will be read a lot.
    Thank you Alex for your work, it is genuinely helping me improve as a writer.

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