Time to Write

I’m very pleased to say I have been accepted onto the Time to Write programme run by Paper Nations, a scheme to support people struggling with their writing practice.

Unfortunately, writing has fallen down the list in the last couple of years as family and other commitments have taken priority. I never even considered applying for any kind of help, but when I read about Time to Write, it seemed to relate very closely to my circumstances.

I made the application back in December when the coronavirus was just a speck on the horizon. Ironically, I now have quite a lot of time to write (although it’s still a challenge in my household), but I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to develop my writing and see where I can take it.

All writers who were accepted onto the programme have been asked to write a response to the crisis we are facing, in particular, the aspect of isolation. I’ve just begun to give this some thought and am hashing out a few ideas.

I’m really excited to get going on it and feel thankful to have a project to focus on in these unnerving times.

Look forward to sharing what I’ve come up with further down the line!

3 thoughts on “Time to Write

  1. Congratulations, Alex. Look forward to your response. Will it include den building? I have noticed you like to physically create things as well as the more ephereal written word. A lot that is intangible amongst the tangible at the moment. Best of luck with your commission.

    1. Thanks very much. I have Gayle to thank as she let me know about it.
      It may do! I have a couple of ideas whirling about and am excited to get started. Feel very grateful for the opportunity and it’s the perfect time to knuckle down on a project (if I can tear myself away from dens and volcanos).

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