Contentment and melancholy

Today was the third session with my Time to Write group. We were tasked with writing two poems on the above themes, which I’ve copied below. I haven’t written much in the way of poetry, but I’m pleased with what I managed to produce. I had a great response from the group too!

The hydra

It starts with a mess. A multi-coloured crime scene, where evidence leads in all directions.

Half-done drawings are carpet tiles, abandoned tea parties without settled dust, a song that has no ending (or recognisable words)

With Sunday Roast attitudes, bodies and minds linger, lay waste to the toys and nobody lifts a finger.

Out of the ruins, a hydra emerges, its four heads connected by sinews of thought and notion. Its purpose is not to destroy but create, poetry in motion is what’s at stake.

If one should look up, it will see darting eyes and deliberate markings, each jotting down their artistic contribution.
This is a day well-spent.

Untitled (for now)

Sugar sachets sit unwanted, pining for a sweet tooth.

Tables anticipate palms face down, cup rings and laptops.

The pavement outside waits quietly for a heel strike, a clatter, a convoy of buggies.

Only the flowers are exempt as they continue to stretch, unperturbed, towards the daylight.

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