Using WordPress to Create a Website

For the past few weeks, I have been attending a course on how to create a website through WordPress. For a long while, I’ve used to host my site. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my way around the ‘back-end’ and experimenting with different themes, but there are limits and the course seemed like a good opportunity to build on the knowledge that I have already accrued.

The four week course is provided by Digital Peninsula Network (DPN), an organisation based in Cornwall who run digital training courses for individuals and businesses based in the south west of England.

The course has been really great so far, with the tutors introducing us to the fundamentals of the WordPress interface and the many different tools and functions that can be used to create pages and content. We’ve also looked at other crucial elements of building a site such as implementing SEO and producing a Privacy Policy.

If you are based in the southwest and are thinking it might be time to update your skills or switch roles, I would highly recommend DPN, especially as their courses are (for now) fully funded.

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