I haven’t written anything new for some time. After a great personal loss earlier in the year, the motivation and the ideas dried up completely (I thought it might have the opposite effect, but I guess you never know). I’m faithful that some inspiration will return at some point and hopefully autumn will help to […]

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On the Radio

I had a poem featured on the radio last week through BBC Upload. It was my first time sending something in and I wasn’t sure what to expect, so it was a nice surprise to find myself first up on the show. The poem is about the reduced shelf at the supermarket and it starts […]

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Writer at the Ready

I prefer the table without a light, even if it’s in line with the toilet. Out of the glare, more room for shadows. The hum of the drink’s fridge is meditative and reduces the conversation at the till to syllables and intonations that gently pepper my thoughts. From my seat, I watch people queuing, apprehensively, […]

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black vein-filler i choose to sit in and sip gentle wait for that caffeine to deliver a speed-shot mental booster ideas run hot over my computer

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Life Lines

Dot plodded round the balcony, switching on the lights. She collected her mop and bucket from the cupboard by the gemstones, her name scrawled across it in marker pen.   “It’s my bucket,” she once yelled at an agency cleaner, a scrawny kid who tried to laugh it off but folded under her glare. It […]

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Obituary Blues

I saw an obituary in the local paper It read ‘can you live my life the way it was meant to be?’ I thought the photo looked familiar Until I realised it was me.

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