Obituary Blues

I saw an obituary in the local paper It read ‘can you live my life the way it was meant to be?’ I thought the photo looked familiar Until I realised it was me.

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First Light

All hail the first light, dedicated to those who survived the night. Like the woman who lays there bleeding, hope receding, doctors lay their verdict down gently, but either way it’s a sentence, like the one with the prevalent thoughts that overpower the everyday, internal power struggle to keep unseen forces at bay, or the […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I sent this story out to a few different journals, but ultimately couldn’t find a place for it. I’m still happy with what I wrote though, so I’m posting it here instead. Ben knew she preferred to cry in private. He had always assumed it was because she was embarrassed, which seemed silly, given that […]

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Full Beam Dream

Lend me a vision to climb on Shout me some news to drink Stake a claim to a future that’s in clear sight Full beam ‘Cos the roads are more overgrown than ever in this enduring night.

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By Neal Crook During my morning meditationI notice cracksIn our recently repaired stone wallsSome hairlineOthers deeply etched What is the causeOur home precariously perched upon a hillSettling into complacencyPerhaps an angry door-slam I rummage through my tool boxSome recently acquiredA few in need of WD-40I apply spackleSand the roughness and paint Once againI achieve an […]

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Letter to the Editor

Yesterday was the funeral of my brother’s wife who passed away last month. Her death was especially tragic as she had struggled to find her place in the world and was finally beginning to build a life here in the UK. I wrote this poem in her memory and in the hope that it gives […]

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