How Does Your Garden Grow?

I sent this story out to a few different journals, but ultimately couldn’t find a place for it. I’m still happy with what I wrote though, so I’m posting it here instead. Ben knew she preferred to cry in private. He had always assumed it was because she was embarrassed, which seemed silly, given that […]

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A Thank You

I’d just like to say thank you to all the people who have visited my site recently. It’s been a tough couple of months for a number of reasons and every like and follow means a lot and encourages me to keep going. I’m busy working on a non-fiction submission about Dartmoor and have some […]

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Picking up a trail

Jack sniffed the dirt. Someone had been here. There were traces of urine, possibly excrement too. He went to investigate further, but something was holding him back. Damn lead was always pulling Jack off the case.

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Fortnightly Round-Up Sept (I)

Originally posted on ShortStops:
Hello lovers of well-crafted and brief particles of prose, Welcome to autumn! Here’s what’s been happening on our blog over the past fortnight. As ever, if you’d like to contribute, drop me a line and I’ll explain how it works: Lit Mags Jotters United publishes issue 6 and is calling for…

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Man in the Matchbox

It’s been a busy few weeks, having a holiday in Italy and then working to get my entry finished for the Bristol Short Story Prize. As such, I realise I haven’t made a post for nearly a month! I’ve got a few things that I’m planning to write about in the coming weeks, but to briefly fill the […]

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A word from the King

I’m currently reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’, a great book about the life of the writer and his thoughts on how to write a story. I came across a passage in it that I thought sums up the writing process well (or atleast, his process) and thought it was worth sharing. “I want to put a group […]

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