I had a story published in Litro this week. It’s a semi-fictional piece based on an old Italian man I know. All reads are appreciated. https://www.litromagazine.com/end-your-weekend-with-a-collection-of-the-best-stories-litro-magazine-has-to-offer/a-cause-for-celebration/

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Two birds

Kevin glanced out of the window as a magpie landed in the neighbour’s garden. He quickly turned away, but the fear had already set in and he dragged himself back to the window. The bird was pecking at the ground, trying its luck in the cracks between the patio stones. Kevin pressed his face against […]

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Fortnightly Round-Up Sept (I)

Originally posted on ShortStops:
Hello lovers of well-crafted and brief particles of prose, Welcome to autumn! Here’s what’s been happening on our blog over the past fortnight. As ever, if you’d like to contribute, drop me a line and I’ll explain how it works: shortstopsuk@gmail.com Lit Mags Jotters United publishes issue 6¬†and is calling for…

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