Painted Lines

I’m really proud to be in this month’s Visual Verse. I wrote this poem in response to the image, but also to the conflict in Palestine and Israel that was happening at the time (and still is). For me, there seemed to be a connection between the two and I was really pleased to be […]

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The sky is ours

Their chanting beat against the morning stillness as Ahmed rolled the tyre along with a steady brush of his hand. The youngsters grinned like it was a new game, but the others knew better. This was their duty. Tarek looked back at the pillars of black smoke rising above the buildings. He was used to […]

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  You know what they say? What’s that then? It will be the Romanians next, flooding over here. They’re all the same. They just want a free ride and we’re bloody giving it to them. Tell me about it. A group of them moved in round the corner from me last week. Five of them […]

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