Dig In

Your mark is a stain every reason is treason But our defences are strengthening and our heels dig deep like our values and beliefs. I see your protest and raise you, go all in with my tweets An eye for an eye, fence post for a fence post These days I grow razor wire instead […]

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Life Lines

Dot plodded round the balcony, switching on the lights. She collected her mop and bucket from the cupboard by the gemstones, her name scrawled across it in marker pen.   “It’s my bucket,” she once yelled at an agency cleaner, a scrawny kid who tried to laugh it off but folded under her glare. It […]

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Obituary Blues

I saw an obituary in the local paper It read ‘can you live my life the way it was meant to be?’ I thought the photo looked familiar Until I realised it was me.

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First Light

All hail the first light, dedicated to those who survived the night. Like the woman who lays there bleeding, hope receding, doctors lay their verdict down gently, but either way it’s a sentence, like the one with the prevalent thoughts that overpower the everyday, internal power struggle to keep unseen forces at bay, or the […]

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Painted Lines

I’m really proud to be in this month’s Visual Verse. I wrote this poem in response to the image, but also to the conflict in Palestine and Israel that was happening at the time (and still is). For me, there seemed to be a connection between the two and I was really pleased to be […]

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Full Beam Dream

Lend me a vision to climb on Shout me some news to drink Stake a claim to a future that’s in clear sight Full beam ‘Cos the roads are more overgrown than ever in this enduring night.

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