Alex Rankin – “Chlorine Dream”

My poem, Chlorine Dream, is up on the Black Nore Review today. It is an attempt to capture a snippet of a memory from my upbringing. A lot of memories have been surfacing over the last few months and I have found that writing them down in poem form really helps to process them as […]

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Midnight Rain

I dreamed of you opening the living room door the rush of the high pile carpet was in my ears. That always used to annoy me like a warning signal that you were coming in to stop me playing computer games. This time I only wished to hear what you had to say but the […]

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Time Travellers

When I go and see my auntie she takes me time travelling. Her shoebox of memories is a portal to old Clifton glamour and GIs on English streets. If she’s feeling up to it we’ll take a drive around town past childhood favourites that she views with third eye vision. This time she spots an […]

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Mother of Thousands

I had a story published on Free Flash Fiction yesterday. It’s inspired by a comment I once read in a group for lovers of succulent plants. I hope you will give it a read. Mother of Thousands – Free Flash Fiction

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I haven’t written anything new for some time. After a great personal loss earlier in the year, the motivation and the ideas have dried up (I thought it might have the opposite effect, but I guess you never know). I’m faithful that some inspiration will return at some point and hopefully autumn will help to […]

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Editor’s Choice

I had a surprise email the other day telling me that one of my stories from last year has been shortlisted for Editor’s Choice Award over at Flash Fiction Magazine. Eight stories are in the list and present a really interesting variety of writing. I recommend heading over and giving them a read if you […]

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On the Radio

I had a poem featured on the radio last week through BBC Upload. It was my first time sending something in and I wasn’t sure what to expect, so it was a nice surprise to find myself first up on the show. The poem is about the reduced shelf at the supermarket and it starts […]

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