You know what they say?

What’s that then?

It will be the Romanians next, flooding over here. They’re all the same. They just want a free ride and we’re bloody giving it to them.

Tell me about it. A group of them moved in round the corner from me last week. Five of them to one room. You can bet they’re all on housing benefit. The Government should do something about it.

Still, it’s not as bad as that lot trying to Islamify everything. It’s preposterous. Someone should put a stop to them.

Really? I didn’t think the Romanians did that kind of thing.

No, not them. The other lot.

Who’s that then?

Well, all these Middle Eastern types.

Oh right. Yes, awful stuff.

But no one says anything in case they get offended. You can’t say anything these days. One word and they complain about their human rights. They ought to get rid of them in my opinion.

Well, they’re not just going to give up their rights, are they?

No, I mean the courts should.

Take away their rights?

Well, not just theirs; the whole human rights malarkey. Seems to cause more harm than good in this country.

Oh, I see. Yes, terrible thing.

Mind you, it’s probably all part of the big plan.

What plan is that?

You know, their big plan for this New World Order. They say Tony Blair was in on it and George Bush. You can bet Obama’s got a hand in there somewhere.

But they’re not from the Middle East, are they?

No, I’m talking about Governments. Haven’t you heard? Between a few of them they control the economy, the food supply, everything. They say the financial crash was no accident. Orders came from the very top.

But why would they say that? Then we’d know what they were up to.

No, not them. It’s everyone else who said it.

Like the Romanians?

No, they’ve got nothing to do with it.

How do you know? Maybe that’s what they want you to think?


I’m not sure anymore.

Ok, forget it.

Lovely weather we’re having at the moment.

Yes, but they say it’s going to turn next week.

Who does?

Oh, don’t start.




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